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“You, the young who have marched…” Patria Joven March

During May, we remember one of the largest attendance political manifestations of Chile’s history. An event given in the context of the presidential campaign of Eduardo Frei Montalva, which gathered together close to 300 thousand people coming from the north, center and south of the country at Cousiño Park.

Object of the month: The birth of National Planning Office

«For the first time it has been established a general and consistent system of planning of the State’s activity », said Eduardo Frei Montalva for the purpose of the creation, in July, 1967, of Odeplan. An organization that had the goal of promoting and organize the planning system at national, sectoral and regional level, besides […]

María Ruiz-Tagle: More than the woman who accompanied a President

Maruja, as it was fondly called by her loved ones, was the wife of Eduardo Frei Montalva. Her role as First Lady during the presidential term of her husband made her at national and international level. However, she was more than the companion of one of the more influential presidents of our country in the […]

Modernization of Public Aid Emergency Hospital (Posta Central) and the commitment for a better Public Health

Modern facilities and the commitment of improving Public Health, bringing a greater chileans percentage closer to it. That was one of the objectives that brought the transfer of Posta Central during the government of Eduardo Frei Montalva to its new building located in the corner of the intersection of Portugal and Diagonal Paraguay streets, place […]

Object of the month. November 2016 Copyrights and the government of Eduardo Frei Montalva

After a long story, that began in 1828, intelectual property rights in Chile gave an important step with the enactment of law N° 17,336 of Intellectual Property and Copyrights in 1970.

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