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Object of the Month: The first trip of Eduardo Frei Montalva to Europe *

At the age of 22, Eduardo Frei Montalva had the opportunity to travel, an opportunity that allowed him to know other cultures and open his horizons. In 1933, in the framework of the Ibero-American and Latin American Congress in Rome, he traveled to Europe on behalf of the ANEC. A trip of four months of […]

Object of the Month: The Roof beams of the House Museum of Eduardo Frei Montalva

Ten years ago we celebrated the construction of the roof beams of the cultural space located in Hindenburg Street #683. The only House Museum of a former Chilean President and that is why in October we turned to the origins of this particular initiative.

Object of the Month: “Velorio del angelito” (The Little angel`s vigil), A Picture of a custom

In the month of September the house museum of Eduardo Frei Montalva highlights as an object of the month the work “Velorio Del Angelito”, made by the Chilean artist Arturo Gordon, which is part of the personal collection of paintings of the former President. A painting that, in addition to its great artistic value, portrays […]

The object of the month: The student

The university years of Eduardo Frei Montalva, not only allowed him to develop professionally, but also to forge a vision of the world that was reflected in his political career. A step that culminated when the 27 of October of 1933 received his diploma of laws and the Great Prize of Honor for being a […]

Objeto del Mes: Reforma Agraria en el gobierno de Eduardo Frei Montalva

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Objeto del mes: Junio, el mes de Guayasamín

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