Personal Library

The House Museum shelters a classic collection covering great works from all fields of knowledge. The library comprises a total of 3.600 volumes from different categories. Among them: books, reports, photographic albums, letters, press clippings, and speeches.

Books account for 90% of the entire collection. The oldest publication is a copy of “Don Quixote of La Mancha” published in 1604. Then, “La Araucana”, “The Golden Book of Marcus Aurelius”, “Historia de Chile” by Ignacio Molina, and “Plato’s Dialogues” – all of them printed in the XVIII century.

Nearly a 10% of the books either bear a dedication written by their authors or stand as presents given by distinguished people of those times to the president. Among them stand out: Monsignor Carlos Casanueva, Lyndon B. Johnson, Jacqueline Kennedy, Alejandro Lanusse, Louis J. Lebret, Eugene McCarthy, Jaques Maritain, Roger Miranda, Carlos Morla Lynch, Pablo Neruda, Giovanni Papini, Georges Pompidou and Juan XXIII.

As for biographies, there can be found the great conquerors of history, emperors and kings of the ancient and modern age, and the figures related to Fine Art in each époque – especially those from the Renaissance.

Regarding Hispanic and Latin America, biographies of different people stand out, among them: those who fought for independence, politicians and ancient and contemporary thinkers that heavily influenced the union, independence, and development of these peoples. Lives of saints and prophets, as well as of reformers and dictators can also be found.

Reports mostly account for studies in politics related to the military government, democratization, and preliminary or complementary information on the meetings of Brandt Commission, which Eduardo Frei Montalva was a member of, up to his death.

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