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The visit of Maha U Thant

At the end of August, 1966, an important protagonist of worldwide politics of 60s visited Chile. During his stay, the Secretary- General of United Nations, Maha U Thant opened the building of ECLAC and made a number of protocol activities, besides a conference about the origin of armed conflicts in a time marked by Cold […]

Reforzando lazos con Italia: Visita del Presidente Guissepe Saragat a Chile

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The force of the progress moves mountains: The Opening of Lo prado Tunnel

In 17th of 1970 was opened one of the main engeneering works of Chile: Lo Prado Tunnel. This was the longest underground highway duct built until then in our country and it decreased the path between the capital and its main port, Valparaíso.

Urban Modernity: the building of Santa Lucía level crossing

The building of Santa Lucía level crossing looked for “getting Santiago out of the ‘Chinese shoe’ (to be involve in a trouble which is very difficult to get out) that constitutes its colonial and narrow streets and where the path from

Inauguration “Villa Frei” neighborhood: Modern housing for middle class

During the 20th century, new social actors inspired the transformation of Santiago’s urban and social landscape. In addition to the processes associated with of the migration field-city, it also appeared the positioning of the middle class that caused a housing crisis, Eduardo Frei’s government faced it through several institutions.

Object of the month: Archaeological Heritage Support

In September of 1967 took place an unusual, and out of the protocol, meeting in the remote place of San Pedro de Atacama. There arrived Eduardo Frei Montalva to met its inhabitants, who requested to met with him once they learnt he was at the opening of the preliminary

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