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Object of the month: Archaeological Heritage Support

In September of 1967 took place an unusual, and out of the protocol, meeting in the remote place of San Pedro de Atacama. There arrived Eduardo Frei Montalva to met its inhabitants, who requested to met with him once they learnt he was at the opening of the preliminary

Family Life at the XX Century: The Frei Ruiz-Tagle Family

Casa Museo Eduardo Frei Montalva has a collection of more than 370 heritage and historic objects, such as the ex-President’s private library, clothes from the 60’s, the original furniture and some testimonies through which the public and private life of a protagonist of the Chilean history may be known.

seminario mujer

Chilean women regarding the changing process

An important milestone in the social agenda of Eduardo Frei Montalva was the creation of the National Office for Women. The entity was responsible for organizing the seminar “Chilean Women and the Changing Process “, which was attended by personalities such as the President of the United Nations General Assembly, Angie Brooks.

Rural life and public education: childhood of a future president

His first years in Lontué, a place located in the province of Curicó, Region of Maule, marked the future view of a young Eduardo Frei Montalva. So, within the fields, games, rural teachers and friends of different places, the former president was building a thought which would allow him fosters the main guidelines of his […]

Viviendas para Chile: La creación del MINVU

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Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.