Summer Cinema at House Museum

22 de December de 2017
It is too hot? The staff of the House Museum of Eduardo Frei Montalva invites you to a refreshing summer event, with a new cycle of films awarded by the world critics. On Saturdays and Sunday, January at 4:00 p.m.

Eight European film directors give a vision of daily life, big and small stories, dreams and changes that revolve around world events. Falls of walls, reunions, exile and dance are united in this way in a new film cycle at the Eduardo Frei Montalva House Museum, organized in collaboration with the French Institute of Chile and the Goethe Institut, every Saturday and Sunday in January at 4:00 pm at Hindenburg Street #683, Providencia.

  1. The Summer Film at the House Museum: Award-winning film has a free entry and begins on Saturday, January 6 with Paris, Texas (1984) by Wim Wenders. Winner of the Palme d’Or in Cannes tells the story of an amnesiac man who appears in the desert, near the Mexican border in Texas, United States. His name is Travis, and he has been lost for four years. Then, comes the reunion with his brother, in the city of Los Angeles, with his little son and the crossing of both in search of the wife of Travis and the mother of Hunter.
  2. On Sunday, January 7, it’s the turn of Almanya: Welcome to Germany (Almanya, Willkommen in Deutschland, 2010/2011), by Yasemin Samdereli. Winner of two German film awards tells the story of the granddaughter of a family who left her native country Turkey in 1964 to move to Germany, while they are in full return to their motherland, after 45 years out. A story of integration narrated with humor and affection.
  3. The following weekend, on Saturday, January 13, football and how it can influence people beyond the football field, is present with The Miracle of Bern (Das Wunder Von Bern, 2003) by Sönke Wortmann. The film focuses on July 4, 1954, when the German national team played the final of the World Cup. A triumph over the Hungarians that meant much more to the Germans than the sporting title, but for many of them, it brought with it the rebirth of a nation after the Second World War.
  4. On Sunday, January 14, Barbara (2012), by Christian Petzold, will be exhibited, who with this film won the Silver Bear for best director at the Berlin Festival. The story takes place about nine years before the fall of the Berlin Wall, when a Berlin doctor is asked to leave the GDR. She is imprisoned and, after being released, is transferred in the summer of 1980 to a provincial hospital as a disciplinary measure, reflecting through her daily life what life was like on that side of the wall.
  5. On Saturday, January 20, Paris arrives in full with Julie Delpy’s acclaimed debut, Two Days in Paris (Deux jours à Paris, 2007). The film focuses on Marion, a French photographer who decides to take Jack, her American boyfriend, to visit Paris. But the trip turns out to be more complicated than planned, thanks to Marion’s parents, her ex-boyfriends and Jack’s obsession with photographing every funerary monument in the city.
  6. On Sunday, January 21 another love story arrives, the story of the French painter Henri de Tolouse-Lautrec with the beautiful Suzanne Valdon, through the profound work of the director Roger Planchon, Lautrec (1998). Winner of two César Awards and the best actor award at the Mar del Plata Festival, for the role played by Regis Royer.
  7. Music and dance are present on Saturday, January 27 in Swing (2002), by Tony Gatlif. A film that involves a ten year old boy, Max, and his passion for “manouche” Jazz , or Gypsy Jazz. A style that discovers whiles he listen to play Miraldo, a very skilled guitar player, who takes him to the gypsy neighborhood to buy a guitar and becomes his teacher. On that path, he befriends Swing, a young “manouche” of his age who fascinates him for his magnetism, his security and his sense of freedom.
  8. The cycle ends on January, Sunday 28 with the award-winning Fitzcarraldo (1981), by Werner Herzog, who among other awards received the award for best director for the Cannes Film Festival. A story of passion guided by Brian Sweeny Fitzgerald, who calls himself Fitzcarraldo and dreams in the middle of the Amazon jungle with the construction of a grand opera, where he hopes to take Caruso to the inauguration. A trip to the deep jungle, with a huge ship and the help of hundreds of indigenous people who collaborate in the titanic mission.

Summer Cinema at House Museum: Award-Winning Movies
– Sat. January 6: Paris, Texas (1984) Wim Wenders.
– Sun. January 7: Almanya: Welcome to Germany (2010, 2011) Yasemin Samdereli.
– Sat. January 13: The Miracle of Bern (2003) Sönke Wortmann.
– Sun. January 14: Barbara (2012) Christian Petzold.
– Sat. January 20: Two days in Paris (2007) Julie Delpy.
– Sun. January 21: Lautrec (1998) Roger Planchon.
– Sat. January 27: Swing (2002) Tony Gatlif.
– Sun. January 28: Fitzcarraldo (1981) Werner Herzog.

The films will be screened on Saturdays and Sundays in the month of January with free entry, at 4:00 p.m. The activity will take place in the audiovisual room of the Eduardo Frei Montalva House Museum (located at Hindenburg Street #683, Providencia), a space that has air conditioning.


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