Children’s day at EFM House Museum

1 de August de 2018

This year, Eduardo Frei Montalva House Museum celebrates children’s day throughout the weekend with activities related to Japanese culture that stimulate creativity.

In order to stimulate creativity, as well as familiarize children and their families with Eduardo Frei Montalva House Museum, president and his family’s home for more than 40 years and National Monument since 2005, the heritage institution invites for the first time to celebrate children throughout the weekend with free workshops given by Chilean-Japanese Cultural Institute, where they can learned about art and Japanese culture.

The celebration begins on Saturday August 11th at 11am with the origami workshop (for children age 6 and older), where the Japanese art of paper folding will be taught, an educative discipline in which the participants develop their artistic and intellectual expression. Pre-registration is required through an email to or by phoning 22-8818674.

On Sunday August at 12pm, the celebration will end with Kamishibai performances (for children age 3 and older, pre-registrations is not required). This traditional Japanese art performs spoken stories (as story-telling) presented in a little wooden theater based on a selection of different stories. At the end of each narration, the workshop instructor will have conversation dynamics about the stories.

Activities will be carried out by Harumi Matsuzaki, Deputy Director of Chilean-Japanese Cultural Institute, Kamishibai storyteller and Origami professor since 1982.

Chile and Japan: 120 years of friendship

In the investigation presented as part of the Book of Comisión Chilena de Celebración del Centenario de las relaciones Chile-Japón (LOM, 1997), the background dates back to 1860, when Chile considers, for the first time, establishing consulates in the most important markets of the Asian countries which begins formally in 1820 with the Chilean consulate in Yokohama.

Thus, on September 25th, 1897, both countries signed a Treaty of Amity, Commerce and Navigation. During the government of President Eduardo Frei Montalva, remembered for his international openness, in 1965 relations with Indonesia were stablished, and the first parliamentary delegation visited North Korea.

Finally, in 1969, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Gabriel Valdés travelled to Japan together with a delegation; it was the first visit of a Chilean authority of this position to Asia. In this opportunity, the delegation was received by the Japanese Minister Kiichi Aichi and Emperor Hiroito gave a special audience to the delegation. One of the instant results of the dialogue was the “agreement of Tokyo to reciprocally renounce tourist visa for both Chilean and Japanese people that travel from one country to the other, staying less than three consecutive months”. This agreement is valid until today.

Children’s Weekend at EFM House Museum

We are inviting girls and boys along with their families to creatively celebrate at EFM House Museum – National Monument – with free activities about cultural Japanese culture.

  1. Saturday August 11th, 11:00 am.
    (children age 6 and older) Pre-registration is required through an email to or by phoning 22-8818674.
  1. Sunday August 12th, 12:00 pm
    (Children age 3 and older). Pre-registration is not required.
    All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Free entrance. Air-conditioned room.
For more information, contact


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