Historia del Proyecto

Packing of the Collection

March, 2006

The packing of the house collections, the removal of the objects and their installation in temporary storage are initiated to begin working on empowerment and restoration for its new museological destination.

Project Development and Work Team


Project development initiates under the general coordination of consultants Consuelo Valdés Ch. y Carmen Vergara L. Magdalena Frei shall be in charge of the financial, communicational and public relations aspects of the project.The multidisciplinary team of professionals and technicians, working in different fields of the project, is finally composed as follows:

Creation, Coordination and Proyect Supervision

Consuelo Valdés Ch.
Carmen Vergara L.

Architecture and Construction

Architects: Teodoro Fernández and Milva Pesce
Building Company: Juan Manuel Santos y Cía. Ltda.
Site Chief: Raúl Hernández
Technical Inspection: Coz y Cía. Ltda.
Supervisor: Ramón Coz y Cristián Scheleff
Structural Engineering: C.L. Ingenieros Consultores
Supervosor: Demetrio Concha  y Matías Hernández

Air Conditioning

A&P Ingeniería
Supervisor: Gustavo Concha


Gracia Saint H. (original project)
Patricia de la Maza (garden restoration)

General and Exhibition Lighting

Limarí Lighting Design.
Supervisor: Pascal Chautard y Francisca Mackenzie

Preventive Preservation and Restoration

Cecilia Guerrero
Macarena Murúa
Johanna Theile

Art Work and Wall Textile Restoration

Alejandra Castro

Preservation and Restoration of Three-Dimensional Objects

Anita Anselmo

Photograph Preservation and Restoration

Ilonka Csillag

Preservation and Restoration of Works on Paper

Marianne Wacquez

Textile Preservation and Restoration

Yasna Sepúlveda

Preservation and Restoration of Furniture, Tapestry and Curtains

Alfonso Almarza
M. Teresa Grunwald
Antonieta Makus
Johanna Theile
Marisol López


Juan Manuel Martínez


Documentation Center of Cultural Assets (Centro de Documentación de Bienes Culturales) of Information Bureau for Libaries, and Museum (DIBAM is Spanish).
Supervisor: Lorena Cordero, Melissa Morales

Reference Documentation

Margarita Barraza

Communications and Script

Marcial Edwards

Audiovisual Production

RF Films.
Supervisor: Rodrigo Fernández

Web and Multimedia Design

Alt164 Ltda.
Supervisor: Taty Mella and Marcos Correa

Industrial and Graphic Design

Nicolás Racic
Álvaro Santa Cruz
Óskar Cáceres

Award Room Museography

Company: DOT
Supervisor: Alfredo Yrarrázaval

Design and Mounting

Esteban Correa



Educational and Historical Contents

Isabel Rivas L.
Trinidad Schonherr R.

Museography and Management

Consuelo Valdés Ch.
Carmen Vergara L.

Production assistant

Flor Cerro D.