Casa Museo will have free admission due to the International Museum Day

27 de April de 2016

“Museums and Cultural Landscapes” is the topic for the International Museum Day organized by the International Council of Museums (ICOM) that will take place this year on May 18. As in previous year, Casa Museo Eduardo Frei Montalva will be part of this event that welcomes the community with free admission to the museum.

dia museos-webThe topic of this year emphasizes the responsibility that museums have with the landscape that surrounds them, giving an opportunity to contribute with knowledge, and own competencies, being productive with the management of the museum. According to the people who organize this activity, the principal mission of museums is to protect the heritage that is within and outside of the museum, turning into “territorial centers of active protection of the cultural landscape.”

Maite Gallego, Deputy of Casa Museo EFM, says: “the topic of this year, that relates museums to their surroundings, makes us much sense. First, because of our physical location at Hindenburg in Providencia is not coincidental.  It goes in response to the legacy of an ex-president who lived with his family in this house, which is now declared National Monument, and part of the landscape of our neighborhood.”

Casa Museo makes permanently different outreach activities linked to its physical environment. Together with Red de Museos de Providencia, our museum is part of the organization of heritage walks that go all over of architectural landmarks of the district and also guided tours of museums that are part of this initiative.

Casa Museo EFM has also made exhibitions like: “Todo un Barrio: Mirada Vecinal”, where a series of photographs of the neighborhood, known as Santa Isabel, are displayed. These photographs were donated to the museum by neighbors and people that used to live there, by antiquarians, schools, among others. These images recreate some events from the ‘20s to the ‘90s in this traditional sector of Providencia. This cultural place has also participated, together with the Municipality, in the edition of the book “Santa Isabel. Barrios de Providencia”, it talks about the heritage legacy of the neighborhood.

“We also organize strategic alliances with institutions that are nearby the museum, such as the UNIACC University, in order to make itinerancies that show some heritage objects that are part of the museum’s collection”, says Maite Gallego.

Free tours

Due to the free tours activity that Casa Museo will offer to the community, on the occasion of the International Museum Day, visitors will know an important part of the history of the 20th century through one of its protagonist. In this opportunity, people will have the chance to see photographs, a private library that has at least 3.700 books, clothes, numismatics, condecorations and stone lunar fragments brought to Chile by the crew of Apollo 12, as well as heritage and historical objects that are part of a collection that has at least 400 objects.

It is important to mention that to have a close experience, the museographic concept of Casa Museo EFM doesn’t use showcases. This gives to the visitors the possibility to have a direct contact with objects and original furniture that are in the same place as the Frei Ruiz-Tagle family lived, this allow to appreciate the everyday environment of the time. On this way, the visit includes a look full of history, like the garden, the library known by the press of that time as “La Moneda Chica”, or the dining room where the family had dinner with Queen Elizabteh II of England during her visit to Chile in 1968. 

Besides, a photographic archive with more than 8.000 images of the public and private life of the ex-president, 120 of the images can be seen through the webpage of Casa Museo. One of the archive is in digital format, the other one is the historical archive with more than 9.000 documents such as correspondence, treaties, speeches, among others.

“We invite the whole community to visit us to celebrate the International Museum Day next May 18”, ends the Deputy of Casa Museo EFM, Maite Gallego.


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