Free Workshop about space flights: Destination: The Moon

18 de May de 2016

Didn’t you have fun, as a child, pretending to be an astronaut? , or as an adult, imagining how to travel to the space would be? For the purpose of getting into this adventure through knowledge, Casa Museo EFM invites everybody to participate in the theoretical-practical workshop called Traveling to the Moon. It is open to the general public from the age of 8, to infinity and beyond!

viajando-webJorge Ianiszewski, a researcher and science writer, an expert in Astronomy, a teacher and creator of the website “Círculo Astronómico” will be in charge of this free activity, he will give a talk about the Moon Landing.

This journey through knowledge will be supported by miniatures, didactic figurines, audiovisual images and activities, through which participants will learn how a spacecraft works, the organization of missions beyond the Earth orbit and the different stages of NASA’s Apollo missions to the moon.

The participants can also enjoy a guided tour of Casa Museo, the place where the ex-president welcomed the astronauts Neil Armstrong and Richard Gordon in 1966, and observe different elements that remind of the space missions, such as authentic lunar rock fragments given as a present to the ex-president by the crew of Apollo 12 in 1970.

A bit of history

In 1961, the then President of United States, John F. Kennedy, announced to the world that Apollo space program’s goal was to put a man on the moon before the end of that decade.

Within the group of astronauts chosen for this amazing feat were Neil Armstrong and Richard F. Gordon. They traveled in different missions. Armstrong, as Commander of Apollo 11, would be the first man to walk on a world different from the Earth on July 21 in 1969, and Gordon would pilot the Command Module of Apollo 12. He was in lunar orbit while his space shipmates were exploring the surface of the natural satellite in November of the same year.

Both astronauts visited our country during four days in October 1966 on behalf of the then president Lyndon B. Johnson. This visit was a USA government and NASA’s sign of gratitude for the Chilean support for the scientific exploration of outer space, materialized by the satellite tracking stations installed in Antofagasta and Peldehue.

In that opportunity, the host was ex-president Eduardo Frei Montalva who welcomed the astronauts in his own home at Hindenburg 638, Providencia; precisely where it is now located Casa Museo EFM (a place that is open to the community, where you can find heritage objects, painting collection, original furniture and technological objects from that time).

Later in 1970, a year after the man walked on the moon for the first time, ex-president welcomed the astronauts of Apollo 12: Richard F. Gordon and his space shipmates Charles Conrad and Alan Bean.

On this occasion, ex-President received as a gift a pedestal with three small lunar rock fragments and a Chilean flag that had traveled to the moon in this first space adventure. Both gifts can be seen today in the condecorations room at Casa Museo EFM. It is important to mention that this institution and the Museo Nacional de Historia Natural (MNHN) are the only two entities in Chile that have lunar rock fragments as part of their collection.


Workshop: “Traveling to the Moon”

Aimed at: children from the age of 8, young and adults interested in space issues and in voyages to other worlds.

Date: Participants have to choose between 2 dates: in July, Thursday 21 (from 15:00 to 18:00 hours) or Friday 22 (from 10:00 a 13:00 hours).

Location: Audiovisual Room at Casa Museo EFM (Hindenburg 683, Providencia).

Registration: (56 2) 2881 8674 /




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