Stitches and fabrics with memory

20 de October de 2017

At the House Museum of Eduardo Frei Montalva, the second edition of the workshop “Textile Art, Quilt and Patchwork” will be held, where participants will be able to create a tapestry that will tell a story through embroidery stitches, textile writing and application use. Free registration, limited seats.

The technique of “quilt” consists of joining one or more different pieces of cloth, in a large piece of textile. With a millennial origin in Egypt and Asia, the Workshop “Textile Art, Quilt and Patchwork”, which will take place on Saturdays in November at the House Museum of Eduardo Frei Montalva, gathers the bases of this process to connect a personal history through stitches and fabrics.

The activity is aimed at men and women over 15 years. With free registration (limited seats), it is leaded by Daniela Pizarro Torres, textile artist and researcher of community and collaborative art, with extensive experience in the matter after realizing three residences in the United States and Spain. In addition, since 2012 is part of Nido Textil, “Cooperativa de Oficios” that seeks to preserve and disseminate textile trades, specializing in embroidery, quilt, experimental sewing, burlap and weaving.

With four duration classes, which will take place on Saturdays 4, 11, 18 and 25 in the month of November, the workshop proposes to create an open space that will enhance the participants’ own histories and give them tools to develop a textile art work that reflects that reflexion. As for the technique, it is not necessary to have previous knowledge, but if it is important that interested people want to carry out a personal project.

It should be noted that this activity will culminate with an exhibition of the works in the house of Hindenburg Street #683, Providencia, and the delivery of certificates of participation.

The workshop “Textile Art, Quilt and Patchwork” is part of the extension activities of the House Museum of Eduardo Frei Montalva, the only house museum of a former Chilean President, declared a national monument in 2005. Entries are free (limited seats), and are done through the mail / (56 2) 2881 8674. Students will have their personal sewing machine with basic elements such as scissors, pins, needles and threads and, of course, many want to learn.

Workshop: “Textile Art, Quilt and Patchwork”

Aimed at: Men and women from the age of 15.

When? Saturdays 4, 11, 18 and 25 of the month of November, from 15:00 to 18:00 hours.

Where? The House Museum ofEduardo Frei Montalva ( Located at Hindenburg Street #683, Providencia).

Materials to brin: Basic sewing (scissors, pins, needles and threads).

Free registration (limited space): 56-2 28818674 /


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