South Matta: Identity, Memory and Heritage

16 de June de 2016

The meeting will take place Thursday, August 4, from 11:00 to 13:00 hours EFM House Museum (Hindenburg 683, Providencia) and is aimed at high school students, academics, architects, historians, cultural managers and the general public.

What they have in common the Nursing Home “Sisters of the Poor” Plaza Bogota, the theater America, San Antonio de Padua Church and coffee Hasta que te encontré ?

matta-sur-webAll are heritage landmarks located in the Matta South neighborhood, which thanks to the constant and conviction of their neighbors work, was declared Typical Zone in December 2015. This means that new construction will have to be respectful of the environment of this traditional sector Santiago and that any intervention must be approved by the National Monuments Council.

A big step thanks to the organization of the community, which formed the Committee for the Defense of Barrio Matta Sur, the main promoter of a series of initiatives to preserve the area. It is precisely this entity invited to share their experience in the framework of the second talk of the “Days of Citizen Participation 2016” Casa Museo Eduardo Frei Montalva, which will take place on Thursday, August 4, from 11:00 to 13:00 hours Hindenburg 683 (Providencia) and will have as speaker Patricia Pino, Head of communicational support of the Defense Committee of Barrio Sur Matta.

“The declaration of this area as Typical Zone by virtue of its architectural, historical and social interest is an example of how organized civil society can be the protagonist of the protection and safeguarding of cultural heritage, which is a legacy of everyone,” says Maite Gallego, Deputy EFM House Museum.

A valuable neighborhood

Nicolas Guillen, a member of the Defense Committee of Barrio Matta Sur said that the district has a site, a history and idiosyncrasies that differentiate it from common urban conglomerates is in Santiago.

Thus, the Committee of Defense of El Barrio Matta South promotes solidarity between neighbors , cultural management , heritage restoration , in addition to the recovery and enhancement of public spaces , streets and squares , aware of the need to integrate all those who believe that even in these times is important to maintain and project a valuable old neighborhood.

“We know that a sustainable repopulation with architectural and urban matrix of the location is feasible. There may be a revival respecting and promoting spaces of children and the elderly , as well as the commercial establishments in the neighborhood and SMEs to ensure their presence here and stability , “says Nicolas Guillen.

The chat program “Matta Sur: Identity, Memory and Heritage” is available in


Date: Thursday, August 4, 2016.

Hours: 11:00 to 13:00 hours.

Location: Audiovisual Room EFM House Museum (Hindenburg 683, Providencia).

Registration: / (56 2) 2881 8674.


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