The path of the samurai: Film series at EFM House Museum

13 de July de 2018

Eduardo Frei Montalva House Museum presents a selection of the main films that master Kurosawa dedicated to the mythical and traditional figure of the samurai warrior. Free admission!

Winner of three Oscars (two for Best Foreign Film and an Honorary Award), Akira Kurosawa crossed the borders like any other Asian movie director. His fascination for western culture contrasted – and complemented – the traditional stories of his films: feudal lords, samurai, armies and aristocratic ladies; he was popularly crowned “Tenno” (Emperor) by his meticulous and realistic style between the 1950s and 1960s.

For this reason and with the support of Chilean-Japanese Cultural Institute, Eduardo Frei Montalva House Museum presents the film series entitled “THE PATH OF THE SAMURAI: Akira Kurosawa and Japanese cinema’s golden era”. With free admission, every Sunday of August, we will present a selection of the most important Kurosawa’s films about the samurai, warrior of military elite during the Japanese feudal era that marked the culture and the history of the empire forever; in his films the director masterfully reflected the philosophy of honor, war, sword and death.

The series begins on Sunday August 5th with Seven Samurai (Shichinin no samurai, 1954). Considered the “Best film of the world cinema” by Empire magazine (2010) and the 17th of “Best movies in history” by the international film data base IMDb (2011), the movie is set in Japan in the 16th century. A village of defenseless peasants is repeatedly attacked and looted by a gang of outlaws. The villagers go to the city in order to recruit a group of samurai to protect them; although the only salary is food and shelter, several warriors joined gradually one by one this singular group that will fight the enemies.

We continue on Sunday August 12th with Yojimbo (Yōjinbō, 1961). During the 19th century, in a feudal Japan, a samurai arrives at a town where two bands of mercenaries fight each other over the control of the territory. Soon, the newcomer shows signs of being an invincible warrior, so the leaders of both bands try to hire his services. For his leading role, Toshirō Mifune – star of Kurosawa’s movies – won the Volpi Cup, the principal award given to actors and actresses at Venice Film Festival.

On Sunday August 19th is the turn of Sanjuro (Tsubaki Sanjūrō, 1962). Based on the story “Peaceful Days” (Nichinichi hei-un) by Shūgorō Yamamotose, it’s presented in the middle of the Tokugawa era, where a group of nine young samurai is determined to put an end to the prevailing corruption and to all those who are behind it. In the chaos, Sanjuro, a bizarre character, appears from the shadows; he will begin to act and bring order to a battle that seemed lost.

The film series ends on Sunday August 26th, with Ran (1985). Inspired in Shakespeare’s drama “King Lear”, as well as in the legends of the Daimyō (feudal lord) Mori Motonari, written and directed by Kurosawa, it is literally translated as “chaos, misery”.  The last epic movie in the director’s career begins in Medieval Japan, where the powerful Mr. Hidetora decides to abdicate and divide his domains among his three sons. The youngest son considers the idea to be absurd and to cause problems, so his father becomes furious and disinherits him. Pretty soon, he will discover his mistake: ambition will make his older sons fight over the power in a bloody war.

All the films will be exhibited at Eduardo Frei Montalva House Museum in the multimedia room (Hindenburg 683, Providencia), free admission and air-conditioned room. This movie series is part of the outreach activities organized by EFM House Museum, and in collaboration with the Chilean-Japanese Cultural Institute.

Film series “THE PATH OF THE SAMURAI: Akira Kurosawa and Japanese cinema’s golden era”

Dates: Sundays 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th of August.
Sun. 5th of August: seven samurai – Shichinin no samurai (1954).
Sun. 12th of August: Yojimbo – Yōjinbō (1961).
Sun. 19th of August: Sanjuro – Tsubaki Sanjūrō (1962).
Sun. 26th August: Ran (1985).
Schedule: 04:00 pm.
Location: Eduardo Frei Montalva House Museum’s multimedia room, Hindenburg 683, Providencia.
Free admission and air-conditioned room. Films in their original language and subtitled in Spanish. PG-14
For further information please contact: / (562) 2881 86 74 or


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