Family heritage objects workshop at EFM House Museum

11 de April de 2018

This free activity invites to explore the family history by writing and reflection on objects that have been part of the participants’ home. The workshop is aimed at people aged 18 and older, and it will be held every Saturday in June, prior registration (limited availability).

With more than 350 heritage objects from different places and periods, Eduardo Frei House Museum reaches a decade reconstructing the Frei Ruiz-Tagle family’s history, present in every single object that not only adorns the #683 Hindenburg residency, but also gives evidence of the life and family history of one of the most notorious leaders of the 20th century in Chile.

Thus, House Museum invites the public to explore their own family cultural heritage, by opening the registrations to participate in this new workshop “The history of my object: family stories”, given by Karin Weinreich, a sociologist and producer of narrative projects, every Saturday in June.

“Inspired by a significant object that has been in our childhood home, we will explore our family history by constructing a brief written story” explains Weinreich, clarifying that: “We do not seek to generate a literary text, but a profound and honest report about a specific moment, a close relative or a characteristic of our family”, so it is not necessary to have special written abilities to register for this activity.  Participants will have to bring a photo of the object or the object itself, “a toy, a kitchen utensil, a musical instrument, a bedroom object, a table ornament, a bicycle or car, a jewel, a piece of furniture, a book, etc. What matters is that it is meaningful to the person”, she says.

Therefore, the workshop coordinator will address issues such as the “tangible and intangible family heritage”, “the meaning and value of the selected object” and “what it means to honor the ancestors”, among others, to finalize the process with a review and a short story of the family object.

The history of my object: family stories” workshop is aimed at people aged and older and it will be held on Saturdays June 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th in the air-conditioned multimedia room at EFM House Museum (Hindenburg #683, Providencia) from 03:00 to 06:00 pm

Registrations: / (56 2) 2881 8674.

Free activity. Limited availability. For more information visit



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