Original prints by Guayasamín in Viña del Mar

14 de March de 2016

“Guayasamín in Chile, 1969”. It is the name of the itinerant exhibition of Casa Museo Eduardo Frei Montalva, which will be presented on March 16 to April 22 at the University of Viña del Mar.

retrato_freiVisitors will be able to appreciate the works of the connoted painter and muralist in the hall of Palacio Flores in the extension Center of Universidad Viña del Mar, located at Agua Santa 110, between 9:00 and 19:00. Free admission from Monday to Friday.

Oswaldo Guayasamín died in Baltimore (USA) on March 10, 1999, but his legacy remains alive both at Latin American and global level. That’s why in March, Casa Museo EFM, in conjunction with the University of Viña del Mar, have organized the exhibition ” Guayasamín in Chile: 1969 ” as a way to commemorate the Ecuadorian artist.

Guayasamín’s visit to our country, towards the end of the 60’s, was the result of an invitation from the government of Eduardo Frei Montalva through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, headed by Gabriel Valdés, to exhibit at the National Museum of Fine Arts. In this context, the prominent painter and muralist was in Cerro Castillo, where in just two hours he conceived a portrait of the former president, which is part of what will be seen in this exhibition. It will also be possible to observe eleven original prints with dedication by Guayasamín. The exhibition includes information panels and showcase with documents related to the visit of this artist to Chile in 1969.

It is noteworthy, that Guayasamín’s exhibited works form part of the collection of Casa Museo EFM, space which is open to the community since 2008. In this building the former president lived with his family for more than 40 years in the city of Santiago, here you can see the original portrait made by the artist. In addition, you will find heritage objects, a collection of Chilean and Latin American paintings, numismatics, condecorations, among others.

“Guayasamín in Chile, 1969, aims to take a close look of an era where art and politics were intertwined through a common message .This regional roaming is part of the work of Casa Museo Eduardo Frei Montalva to constitute a space of educational and cultural nature, and thus contribute to the community of the university and the city of Viña del Mar, “says Maite Gallego, Deputy of the institution.
We strongly believe that having Guayasamín exhibition in our university, means a great privilege for the region and a gift for our eyes. We are in the month of his death and this exhibition allows us to remember with great affection, the artist who befriended politicians, poets and artists in general, where the emotional relationship with our Nobel, Pablo Neruda stands out.
Much of his work expresses the human pain and defined him as the “chronicler of the tear in Latin America”, linked to its indigenous nature and the complaint he makes to the dictators of the world for the abuse of human rights which are well expressed in the work, the Age of Wrath.
We appreciate the confidence that Casa Museo Frei has placed in the University of Viña del Mar, which is allowing us to expose all the art that Casa Museo offers.

Art and Politics

Oswaldo Guayasamín was born on July 6, 1919 in Quito (Ecuador). He was the son of a humble family and the eldest of ten children.

When he was seven, the future artist painted his first works, early suggesting his great talent. In 1933, he went to the School of Fine Arts in Quito, standing out among students and surprising everyone with his creations. Thus, in 1940, he graduated as a painter and sculptor.

Throughout his career, Guayasamín did not hesitate to take a stand against social injustice, which is reflected especially in its second phase which started in 1961 and was called “The Age of Wrath”. Precisely, the original works exhibited in Viña del Mar belong to that period.

The works to be exhibited at the Palace Flores, Extension Center of the University Viña del Mar, were made at the Workshop Inti Cori in Quito, in October 1968, and they correspond to a limited edition of three hundred numbered and signed copies by the Ecuadorian artist.

Traveling exhibition “Guayasamín in Chile, 1969”.

Date: March 16 to April 22.
Location: University of Viña del Mar. Palace Flores
Address: Agua Santa 110 Viña del Mar.
Schedule: From 9:00 am to 19:00, Monday to Friday.
More information in:
www.casamuseoeduardofrei.cl, contacto@casamuseoeduardofrei.cl

Free entrance


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