Casa Museo announces series of talks on citizen participation

12 de May de 2016

Disseminate experiences in which the community has organized proactively to carry out various projects to protect the cultural heritage, it is the objective of this activity organized by Casa Museo. The first session ” File Date : Rescuing the Student Memory” will take place on June 2 at 10:00 am fech-para-noticia-webin House Museum and will be devoted to reviewing the file preservation initiative of FECH, designed by students from the University of Chile.

Later in the year, there will be held 3 talks more about projects related to South Matta Typical Zone, heritage and art of Barrio Concha y Toro, and collective mapping of typical areas.

On Thursday, June 2 at 10:00 hours, will take place at Casa Museo EFM the first of a series of four talks aimed at disseminating citizen initiatives to preserve cultural heritage. This time, the theme will focus on the rescue and preservation of the Archive of the University of Chile Student Federation (AFECH) initiative from the students of the institution of higher education.

“Not only cultural institutions but also the organized community itself is called to play an active role in protecting our heritage. That’s why we wanted to offer this space to publicize experiences and projects emerging civil society. We hope that this exchange will contribute to further empower the community,” says Maite Gallego, Deputy Director of Casa Museo Eduardo Frei Montalva.

Meanwhile, Claudio Ogass Bilbao, director of the institution states: “We believe that a file is not only a repository of documents or memoirs, but, above all, experience. We also believe that a saved file within four walls, which does not encourage or radiates its practices or linked to citizenship, is a useless space. We are convinced of the need to help citizens become aware of the value of archives in society, since foster democratic participation in local spaces, safeguarding memory and transparency. ”

Formally, the file FECH emerged in 2008 as a student project designed to recover, preserve and organize the memory of the work of the Federation and its impact on society, so as to make it available to different users. Among its funds and collections can be found posters, public statements, photographs and documents that express the thought and artistic and cultural activities FECH from 1968 to the present. Currently it is an organic instance that is hosted at the headquarters of the organization. Self-defined as a tool for the student movement, the AFECH is also part of a series of attempts that sought to protect the memory of the movement, which date back to the early twentieth century and continued sporadically during the course of this century.
“Through our experience seek deliver, as part of the talk, a set of possibilities for the formation, growth and projection files of social organizations, on the understanding that these initiatives are a manifestation of citizen participation and many of them do not achieve sustainability over time”, adds Leonardo Cisternas, coordinator FECH Extension and Research Archive.

In addition to the talk dedicated to FECH file, during the year there are planned three additional meetings as part of the cycle on citizen participation and heritage rescue, the dates will be informed later. The next sessions will address projects related to South Matta Typical Zone, heritage and art of Barrio Concha y Toro, and collective mapping of Typical Zones.

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