Grand Collar of the Order of the Bust of the Liberator, Venezuela

It stands as the highest award granted by Venezuela in recognition for outstanding services provided to the Homeland. The President, the head of the order, is the only person empowered to confer the award. The award is open to civilian and military personnel, both foreigners and Venezuelan citizens.

The award has been named after Simón Bolivar, hero and founder of five Republics in South America: Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, Eduator, and Peru.

The order consists of a double chain collar and an pin. Along the length of the collar, ten oval plaques alternate with ten circles in golden metal and enameled in different colours. Each of them bears the monogram “SB” (standing for Simón Bolivar), and the coat of arms of Venezuela. The pin is in the form of an eight-pointed star bearing the bust of the liberator at its center, surrounded by the inscription “SIMON BOLIVAR”.

President Eduardo Frei Montalva was honored with this award by Raúl Leoni, President of Venezuela, in Miraflores Palace, Caracas. The bestowal took place in August 10th of 1966, during his state visit to Venezuela and Colombia.