Condecoration Order of Vasco Núñez of Balboa , Panama

Stated by law on July 1st, 1941, this decoration was named after the Spaniard Vasco Núñez de Balboa, who discovered the Pacific Ocean in 1513. The award is conferred upon civilians and military personnel assigned by the Executive Power. The selection process is carried out by the Order Council.

The award is formed by an pin, a sash, and a badge. The pin is in the form of a gold-rimmed cross in white enamel, upon silver rays. At its center, it features an effigy of the South Sea discoverer in gold, and it is inscribed with the legend “ORDEN DE VASCO NÚÑEZ DE BALBOA”. The sash is purple with a yellow stripe running lengthwise in the center. The badge that can be detached from the sash is in the form of a cross, identical to the one mentioned above but bearing no silver rays.

This decoration was bestowed upon Mrs. María Ruiz-Tagle in Panama, as First Lady of Chile, in September 2nd, 1966.