Grand Cross of Order, 1967

This order was created in August of 1847, thanks to the king Oscar I. However, it was his son, the king Oscar II who established the collar of this decoration, in 1882.

The Great Cross of the Order grants a red sash with blue and white along the edges; it has a medal in the shape of a white enameled cross and a crowned rampant lion in the center. In addition, the decoration has the characteristic of granting a collar of very valuable gold work, from craftsmen’s of Tostrup-Gaardens of Oslo. Being this considered, protocol establishes that at the death of the person to which the collar has been granted, this piece must be returned to the Chancery of the Order, preserving his family only the sash with the medal.

King Olav V reigned in Norway from 1957 to 1991. He visited Chile during the mandate of President Frei Montalva and granted him with this decoration on September 11th, 1967.