Collar of the Order of Liberator, Argentina

Established in August 17th, 1943 under the administration of General Juan Domingo Perón, the decoration is conferred as a reward for exceptional military or civilian merits. It is named in honor of the hero of the independence of Argentina, General José de San Martín.

The collar, in golden medal, is formed by ten laurel wreaths and four rosettes. The medallion is in the form of a star of multiple golden and silver rays. At its center, the medallion depicts the bust of the general and the inscription “LIBERTADOR SAN MARTÍN” (Liberator San Martín).

As a tradition, Argentina is the first country an elected Chilean President visits; decorations are also given between presidents, bearing their names, in honor of the Fathers of the Homeland of each country.

This outstanding decoration was bestowed upon President Eduardo Frei Montalva by President Arturo Umberto Illia in Mendoza on October 26th of 1965.