Gran Collar de la Orden Pía de la Santa Sede del Vaticano Ordo Pianus

This award is one of the most representative decorations given by the Holy See. The order was founded on June 17th, 1847, by Pope Pius IX in honor of Pope Pius IV, who governed from 1559 to 1565. The name of the order (“Ordo Pianus” or “Pian Order”) derives from his name.

This Order stands third in hierarchy in the history of pontifical decorations, and has been bestowed solely on distinguished Catholics. The Collar is composed by six small enameled medallions, each featuring a pigeon with an olive tree branch – symbols accounting for the Papal coat of arms of Pius XII. On the pendant of the medal two pigeons appear facing the Papal tiara, in the center.

Both the medallion and the pin are formed by an eight-pointed star enameled in blue. A central inscription (in both of them) reads: “A PIO XII AVCTVS”, and surrounding it are the words “ORDO PIANVS”.

By the end of June in 1965, President Frei Montalva made a tour through different countries in Europe, accompanied by his wife, María Ruiz-Tagle, and an entourage. On July 5th, Monsignor Angelo Dell’Acqua visited President Eduardo Frei Montalva and awarded him the order. A day before, President Eduardo Frei Montalva was received by Pope Paul VI in Clementine Hall within the Apostolic Palace.