Condecoration of Legion of Honor of France

The order, established by law on May 19th, 1982, by Napoleon Bonaparte, stands as the highest award in the Republic of France for civil and military services. It is equally bestowed on French and foreign citizens, men and women.

The decoration comprises a sash and an pin. The pin is in the form of a star in white metal with five rays. At its center, it features the head of a woman crowned with embossed laurel wreaths – as a symbol of the Republic – surrounded by the inscription: “REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE” “HONNEUR ET PATRIE”. The badge bears two laurel wreaths and a white enameled star. On the obverse appears the effigy of the Republic with the outer inscription “REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE” upon a blue enameled background. The reverse depicts two French flags in a central circle. The award is completed by a red sash.

During his 1965 tour throughout Europe, President Frei Montalva was received by President Charles de Gaulle on July 7th, 1965. The decoration was bestowed on him by the President of France in the Élysée Palace.