Condecoration of Order of Boyacá of Colombia

This order was established by General Simón Bolivar in order to reward the heads of the Freedom Campaign of 1819 (Campaña Libertadora de 1819). The award is named in honor of the victorious battle of Boyacá which led Colombia to its independence – back then under the jurisdiction of the Viceroyalty of New Granada. The order stands as the highest award of the Republic of Colombia granted to officials for outstanding services to the Army. It is also the highest decoration conferred upon outstanding citizens and foreigners for personal meritorious acts or as a token of international fraternity.

The decoration is formed by an pin, a sash, and a badge. The badge is in the form of a blue enameled cross bearing the bust of Liberator Simón Bolivar at its center. Surrounding it is the outer inscription “ORDEN DE BOYACÁ”. The sash is blue with three stripes along its edges in red, green and yellow – from the inside towards the outside. The pin is formed by the same cross as the badge, but it is placed upon diamond embedded rays.

Among the aims of foreign policy during President Eduardo Frei Montalva administration was the boost of regional financial markets. Accordingly, in 1996 and looking for promoting comercial relationships, he decided to make a tour to Venezuela and Colombia. On his visit to Colombia he was awarded with this decoration by President Carlos Lleras Restrepo, in August 11th of the same year.