Gran Collar de la Orden Nacional de la Cruz del Sur del Brasil

The Order was created by Emperor Pedro I of Brasil, in December 1st of 1822. It was abolished by decree on February 24th of 1891; however, the order was reinstated on Decemer 5th of 1932, during the administration of Getulio Vargas. This decoration is conferred by the government of Brazil upon civilians, military personnel, and foreigners as a token of gratitude.

The decoration consists of a collar and an pin. The former, a double chain collar in golden metal, is formed by five white stars alternated with six green enameled branches. The pin consists of a white enameled star lying on multiple rays of golden metal. At the center, there is a medallion depicting a blue background with five stars that form the Southern Cross constellation. An outer legend, in Latin, reads: “BENEMERENTIUM PRAEMIUM”. The medallion pending from the collar (which can be detached from it) bears resemblance to the badge, bearing two green enameled laurel wreaths that encircle the white enameled star.

President Eduardo Frei Montalva was awarded with this decoration in January 22nd of 1969, by Marshal Arturo da Costa e Silva, in Brazil.