Condecoration of Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany

This order was established by Federal President Theodor Heuss in September 7th, 1965, in times of the rising of the Federal Republic of Germany, after the end of World War II. The award is conferred by the Federal German State for contributions in political, economical, social, and intellectual fields, as much as for services provided to the Federal German Republic in favor of the common welfare. The order is bestowed upon foreigners, especially presidents.

This decoration consists of a sash, a badge, and an pin. The pin is formed by straight rays in golden metal. Upon it, there is a red enameled Maltese cross bearing an eagle at its center. The badge is equally shaped (in the form of a cross with an eagle at its center) but without rays. The sash, from which it can be detached, is red with black and yellow stripes along its edges.

Germany was the last country President Eduardo Frei Montalva visited in his 1965 tour through Europe. This award was conferred on him by President Heinrich L├╝bke on July 19th. The following day, President Eduardo Frei traveled to Berlin, where he was received by its Mayor Willy Brandt. There, he also held meetings with former Chancellor Konrad Adenauer. On July 22nd, the tour through Europe, started by President Eduardo Frei, came to its end.