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Object of the month: Golda Meir’s visit to Chile

Golda Meir’s visit to Chile in 1964 was the beginning of a friendship with Eduardo Frei Montalva, which remained for a long time. Meir visited our country for the time she was the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel, under Zalman Shazar’s government. A few years later, in 1970, she met Frei Montalva in Israel once again, thus strenghthening their close relationship, which was reflected through letters, comments and photographs.

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Object of the month: Institutionality for Science and Technology

Eduardo Frei Montalva’s commitment to the development of science and technology was established during his government (1964-1970), through the creation of some organizations such as the Comisión Nacional de Investigación Científica y Tecnológica, CONICYT (1967) and the National Sciences Award (1968).

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Object of the month: The woman from the Subcontinent

One of the most influential politicians in the International Politics visited our country, in a context where women’s role in society was strongly debated. In 1968, the India’s Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, arrived to Chile as part of a Latinamerican tour. Throughout the years her actions allowed, among other things, the signing of the Antarctic Treaty, through which the polar region became a place for scientific and environmental protection, international cooperation and nuclear demilitarization.

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Object of the month: Belgium and Norwegian royal visit

During his administration, Eduardo Frei Montalva received several diplomatic visits, as the Belgian monarchs, Queen Fabiola and King Baudouin in 1965, following by the visit of Olav V of Norway in 1967. The presence of these monarchs in Chile was very beneficial for strengthening ties and developing new programs that would help to the progress of our country. [Read complete article]


Object of the month: Religiosity and meditation, pieces of Christian iconography

During December, the Object of the Month will exhibit some pieces of Christian iconography located in EFM House Museum, collected by Eduardo Frei Montalva, an important catholic intellectual. These religious pieces of art, which represent his strong relationship with the Christian principles, are located in different rooms inside the house where he lived with his family. [Read complete article]


Object of the month: Journey through frozen lands

During November, Eduardo Frei Montalva House Museum will dedicate its Object of the month to the journey made by the former president to Antarctica in 1969. Books, pictures and memories about this event will be exhibited until November 30 on the first floor of the museum, free entrance.
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Object of the month: The art of etching

During the national month of Visual Arts, Eduardo Frei Montalva House Museum is highlighting within its heritage collection, the works of two etching artists, that of Bartolomeo Pinelli Romano and José Moreno Benavente. [Read complete article]


Object of the month: A life through images: the Eduardo Frei Montalva photographic archive

The processes of recovery and classification of the photographic archive that House Museum EFM carried out as part of its mission of dissemination and heritage recovery of Eduardo Frei Montalva’s life, resulted in more than nine thousand pictures, more than one year of work, training workshops and surprises. [Read complete article]


Object of the month: Venezuela, The history of a friendship

During the month of July, the House Museum will underscore the relations that Eduardo Frei Montalva had from 1930 to 1980, with former governors of Venezuela such as: Romulo Betancourt, Raul Leoni and Rafael Caldera. The letters, awards and medals, part of the House-Museum Eduardo Frei Montalva collection, symbolize the good relations established between Chile and Venezuela during this period. [Read complete article]


Object of the month: Adolescence everyday life

In Chile, during the 1950s and the 1960s, it was very common for adolescents to share their rooms at home. Families were larger and used to have more neighborhood life rather than access to technologies. [Read complete article]


A House, A Neighborhood, A Story

The House Museum was opened to the audience in May 12th of 2008, and it is the only house of a former Chilean governor which has been transformed into a museum. This year, we celebrate the 5th anniversary of the museum with a photograph exhibition called “Todo un Barrio: Mirada Vecinal” (All about a Neighborhood, A Local View). The exhibition gathers the historical heritage of Providencia where the museum is located.
The photograph exhibition will remain open until January 31th of 2014 at # 683 Hinderburg street. Free entrance. [Read complete article]


Object of the Month: Journey to Frei Montalva’s library

Chile celebrates Book Month in April, so the Object of April at Eduardo Frei Montalva’s House-Museum is dedicated to the literary taste of the former president, who throughout his life collected a large library which has around 3 thousand books. Nowadays, the books are organized in two different rooms, inside of what used to be his house. The House Museum is located in Hindenburg Street, Providencia and it is open to the audience through guided tours. [Read complete article]