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Recess in February

As every year, during February Eduardo Frei Montalva House Museum will be closed for holidays, and for its annual maintenance work.

We’ll see you on march 1st with more news and extension activities. [Read complete article]


Object of the Month: Interest in antique collecting

Eduardo Frei Montalva’s House-Museum will particularly exhibit a singular, old telephone the former President acquired, in order to show his passion as an antique collector. This exhibition will be held during the month of November. [Read complete article]


Object of the month: Suvenires of a transcendental tour

As a special occasion, a Luis XVI teacup for traveling and an Etruscan amphora will be exhibit during the entire month of July. Both objects were given to Eduardo Frei Montalva in 1965, during his first presidential tour to Europe. You can come and visit it for free! [Read complete article]


The successful exhibition continues “Guayasamín en Chile, 1969″

Because of the success of the exhibition, twelve Original etchings made by Guayasamín along with didactic and educative panels, will remain until May 29th, 2011. This year, the exhibition is becoming important, since it is part of the centennial celebrations of Eduardo Frei Montalva. Free admission. Hindenburg Street 683, barrio Italia, Providencia. [Read complete article]


Object of the month: Writings by Eduardo Frei Montalva

This month we are remembering the birth of Gabriela Mistral and the literary facet of our former president. Throughout this month we will exhibit three of the seventeen books written by Eduardo Frei Montalva and a letter of the poet who wrote the prologue of “La Política y le Espíritu” (Politics and Spirit). [Read complete article]


“Barrio Italia Project” launches an Artistic and Cultural Celebration

On April 9th, from 10 hrs to 21 hrs, the House Museum Eduardo Frei Montalva shall start the celebration offering free guided tours during that day, at Hindenburg Street 683, Providencia. There are different events taking place during this celebration such as patrimonial tours, degustations, parades and children activities. Everyone is invited! Free admission. [Read complete article]


Object of the Month: Vinyl Discs with a History Behind Them

 Throughout December, part of Casa Museo Eduardo Frei Montalva’s 250-vinyl disc collection goes on display for the first time in a special exhibition that unveils the former president’s musical tastes. Among the collection, “La Pérgola de las Flores” and “Canciones de la Patria Joven” (1964) are highlighted discs. Open from Tuesdays to Sundays from 10:00 to 18:00 hrs, at 683 Hindenburg Street, Providencia. [Read complete article]


Object of the month: Remembrances of Jacques Maritain

During this month, due to the birth anniversary of Jacques Maritain, a French philosopher who was born on November the 18th, of great influence on Eduardo Frei Montalva’s Christian social thinking, the House Museum will exhibit a book with a dedication, an autographed portrait and letters which show us how close both intellectuals were. [Read complete article]


DVD “Marcha de la Patria Joven”


DVD “En la huella del Presidente”


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