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Live the Experience of Being on the Moon!

Come and visit for free the exhibition “From the Moon to the Museum” until April 10th, organized by the National Aeronautic and Space Museum. More than 150.000 people have visited the moon rock fragments, which are part of the collection of the Eduardo Frei Montalva House Museum and the National Museum of Natural History. [Read complete article]


Object of the month: Gifts received after Chilean Nationalization of Copper Industry

During January 2012, Eduardo Frei Montalva House Museum will particularly exhibit the gifts given to Eduardo Frei Montalva by Chuquicamata, El Teniente, and Río Blanco mines, after 46 years of the publication of the Chilean Nationalization of Copper Law. [Read complete article]


Object of the Month: Interest in antique collecting

Eduardo Frei Montalva’s House-Museum will particularly exhibit a singular, old telephone the former President acquired, in order to show his passion as an antique collector. This exhibition will be held during the month of November. [Read complete article]


The successful exhibition continues “Guayasamín en Chile, 1969″

Because of the success of the exhibition, twelve Original etchings made by Guayasamín along with didactic and educative panels, will remain until May 29th, 2011. This year, the exhibition is becoming important, since it is part of the centennial celebrations of Eduardo Frei Montalva. Free admission. Hindenburg Street 683, barrio Italia, Providencia. [Read complete article]


Object of the Month: A new Minister in the Presidential Palace

This year we are commemorating the first centennial of Eduardo Frei Montalva, reason why we are exhibiting the photograph of the cabinet of Juan Antonio Rios, in which our former president was Minister of Public Works. A document listing his ministerial labor is also in exhibition. [Read complete article]


Object of the month: The Thesis of a future Statesman

During January -due to the centennial of Eduardo Frei Montalva- his house nowadays a museum, will exhibit his thesis, which later became a book. His thesis and some related-documents and pictures will be exposed, as a remembrance of his years in college. [Read complete article]


Object of the Month: Memories from the Chilean Countryside

A riding crop, a manto de huaso (a piece of clothing similar to a poncho), a copper tray, and a pair of spurs -which are typical Chilean objects – are to be exhibited throughout the month due to “Farmer’s Day”, celebrated on July 28th, the exact same day when the Land Reform Law was published. [Read complete article]


Celebrate Heritage Day With Us!

Since we are part of the Chilean history, so we invite you to tour through this house, free of charge, and enjoy its patrimonial value, next Sunday May 30th ; the date for a new Heritage Day celebration. In addition to our permanent collection, a special exhibition of colonial figurines will be available. You shouldn’t miss it! [Read complete article]


Medal – Italian Senate


Proyect History

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Architectural and construction project

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Remodeling Works

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