Announcement Speech for his candidacy for the Senate of Chile

Santiago, 1956.

“Mr. President of the Falange Nacional; neighborhood leaders, House of Representatives candidates; municipal councilmen; dear friends. I believe it will be easy for you to comprehend the profound emotion overwhelming me… [Read complete article]


Speech for the Young Nation

Parque Causiño, on June 21st 1964.

“People of Chile: As in the times of the discovery of Chile, a time of memorable historical events, we are now owners of our Homeland by means of this great union between the north and the south…
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Plebiscite Speech

Speech held on August 27th,1980, in Teatro Caupolicán, on the occasion of the plebiscite.

“After so many years, we meet again, gathered here. This is a solemn occasion. Today, we represent the historical continuity of our country, along with the will of an immense majority of Chilean men and women… [Read complete article]