Cultural Heritage Day

 Meet some of the visitors the Museum received on Cultural Heritage Day. Furthermore, you will find images of the tour arranged for the first visitors of that day; a tour that was guided by Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle.


Our Visitors

Feel free to watch pictures of our visitors: Young people, students, senior citizens, the two former ministers Máximo Pacheco and Enrique Krauss, Rafael Caldera (son), Gabriel Valdés and the family Walker Echeñique, among more people.


Exhibition “De la Luna al museo”

“De la Luna al museo” (“From the Moon to the museum”) is a temporary exhibition that enables visitors to observe the moon rock fragments donated by the United States government to each museum after the Apolo 11 and Apolo 17 missions.


School visits

Photographs of some of the schools that have visited our Museum. Find your school!


Museums midnight

Photographs of the 20th celebration of the “Long Night of Museums”, April 17th, 2009.


Educators visiting the Museum

Since 2008, teachers from all the schools in Santiago have been invited to meetings carried out twice a month within the Museum. During them, the teachers are familiarized with our educational program and guided through our Museum.


Historic House Museum

 Tour some places at our Museum through this photograph gallery.


Week of Art

The “Week of Art” was launched on January 2008, to celebrate the birth and honor the memory of Eduardo Frei Montalva, through a pictorial show of painters and gallery artists from Barrio Italia.


Personal Photographs

 A glimpse into the personal life of Eduardo Frei Montalva and his family. Inside the gallery, photographs of this property dating from as far back as the 40s can be found.


Public Photographs

 Check out photographs of the political career of Eduardo Frei Montalva.


Museum Opening

Photograph gallery of the opening of Casa Museo Eduardo Frei Montalva, May 12th, 2008; ceremony that was attended by the President of the Republic, Michelle Bachelet.