Archives of March, 2012

Object of the Month: U.S.A. and Eduardo Frei ’s Government

The relations established by Eduardo Frei Montalva with international personalities of diverse areas of diplomacy and culture left a mark in Hindenburg street’s house. This place houses the gifts and memories that reveal his intense political life. At this time, we decided to highlight the relationship of the former President with the United States and his performance in the face of one of the nation powers that dominated the Cold War scenario. [Read complete article]


Teach your classes at the House Museum!

The current cultural and educational institution, which used to be the house of the former President for over 40 years, invites teachers and students to travel across the 60’s and deepen their knowledge of Chile during the 20th century. This is an invitation through a complete Pictorial and Heritage Collection, which will certainly make learning a more playful experience.

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Object of the month: Women incorporation in the social agenda

Due to the International Women’s Day, during March we will especially exhibit photographs, documents and objects that used to belong to Eduardo Frei M. and that recall the creation of the first women’s groups. FREE ENTRANCE. [Read complete article]