Curator’s Report

Foundations of Casa Museo Eduardo Frei Montalva.

Eduardo Frei Montalva Historic House Museum is the first Chilean museum dedicated to a former President of the Republic. The initiative that made it possible is based on the historical importance of this outstanding statesman, who, from a young age, was participant of the political life of the country.

The Museum looks to outline the spiritual, human and affective dimension of the figure of Eduardo Frei Montalva. Although, he stood out for the extraordinary quality of his public service – the source of his stature as an intellectual and statesman -, such performance would have been impossible if not based on principles and values born out of his religious view and his profound concern on thought and knowledge matters.

Undoubtedly, the source of these qualities is related to the solid and austere familiar context surrounding his childhood and youth. Eduardo Frei belonged to a family with strong moral principles; values wich possibly became determining factors for his subsequent successful career and, certainly, the behavior model through which he educated and formed his family with the support of his wife.

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